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♥ backstabber ♥
Tuesday, August 4, 2009 4:09 AM

i got a nice and sweet bestfriend . but she just like wanna dumb me . she talk shit behind me . I can feel it since she told to A about me . she just like hypocrite . infront of me , she's nice to me . but behind me , only god know . everyday when i see her face i was like 'weeyyyhh , jgn nk jd hypocrite blh tk? ' with me , she's act like a brutal laaa but infront of guy she's act like a 'manja2 , lembut2 and mcm nk p'hatian org' . uuurrrggghhh , i cant stand with her anymore . she's dumb me , she's talk shit behind me and because of she , i argued with HIM

♥ Gorgeous Missy ♥


Hello people (: My name is Ayuni Spears Bt Mat Rozi . My friends and my family call me Ayuni or Ayu . Im sixteen and my birth date is 24 Sept . Mix blood Arabic and Malay . Im the only girl in my family and that is the reason why my parents treat me like Im a princess (: I love singing , laughing , shopping , and makeover . Pink , black and red is my fav colour . I never putting my cell phone down , that's my habit . U will recognise that I always have my cell phone in my hands , I say stupid things , I will never stop saying jokes that aren't funny at all , Im always looking for something to do . Im not an arrogant person but Im a friendly person . I have my own bestfriends , and I have my own boyf (: What else huh ? ♥

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