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♥ Miss my daddy :'( ♥
Saturday, October 24, 2009 5:28 AM

Balik skola then tgk keta baba ada , i feel like 'Whoaahh' ! Cam happy je . Then msuk rumah tgk dapur , naek atas tgk blik baba , kosong . Trun bawah tnya nenek 'Mana baba ?' , nenek said 'kan baba out station' .
I mcm 'alaaaaaaaa' dah la pegi tk bgtau . Rasa mcm kosong je kat rmh . Mlm i told to mama that i miss baba so much . Haihh .

*Nk text baba ke tk ?*

Esk early morning turun bwh tgk baba tkde , rinduuuuuuuuu ! Pegi skola mcm tk best je , after jwb exam MATH BABI , i suddenly ingat baba . Berharap hari ni hbs cpt .

2.30 pm , balik rmh then anta nenek pegi skypark . dia nk balik kmpg (thanks god !)
After that ajak arab pegi dinner mlm ni , da tnya baba , baba bg . then call arab berjuta kali , he did not answer my phone . FUCK OFF !

Esk , text baba 'baba bila nk balik ? bosan laa' baba replied 'esk baba balik la sayang . sabar la'
Then i jerit mcm nk gila hahhaa . :DDDD Tk sabar tnggu baba balik esk

*Baba said 'baba ada surprised utk ayu' . Heee (:*

♥ Gorgeous Missy ♥


Hello people (: My name is Ayuni Spears Bt Mat Rozi . My friends and my family call me Ayuni or Ayu . Im sixteen and my birth date is 24 Sept . Mix blood Arabic and Malay . Im the only girl in my family and that is the reason why my parents treat me like Im a princess (: I love singing , laughing , shopping , and makeover . Pink , black and red is my fav colour . I never putting my cell phone down , that's my habit . U will recognise that I always have my cell phone in my hands , I say stupid things , I will never stop saying jokes that aren't funny at all , Im always looking for something to do . Im not an arrogant person but Im a friendly person . I have my own bestfriends , and I have my own boyf (: What else huh ? ♥

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